How does it work?

P.S. Always check the grades you get your pins in before checking out.


If you buy items in pre order, you need to be patient. These items can take months to be in your hand. You have to wait for a certain time to raise enough money to fund them, then they go into production, and that can take up a month or more to make, depending of quantity or manu availability. It's only after the items are shipped to me that I will grade them and have them ready to ship to you.

If you are not ready to wait, don't buy items in pre order. I keep everyone updated about the status of every item as much as I can, but if there's no new news, there's nothing I can post. The time of waiting is always subjected to the external events of life, like sickness, holidays, strikes, or even mistakes in the production of the items. That is something that, just like the speed of mail, is out of my control. Please understand this when placing your order.

The pre order items are also non refundable, as all purchases go towards funding the pin. You will however be refund if the item ends up not being produced. At which point, I'll send you your money back. If a pin has been funded and it's in production, there's nothing I can do about it.

All updates on the designs and production is on my updates highlight on instagram (@barnebucky).

So if you ore order, please, be patient.
Thank you.


Every pinmaker is different and grades their pins according to their own standards. Always have that in consideration.


All the embroidery bags that I have at my shop are handmade by me and my mom, which means that there are never two bags that look exactly the same, making every bag unique in its own way.

I do all the drawing on the bag and then later the embroidery all by hand. Then my mom takes care of the sewing part and turns that bit of fabric into a bag.

Each bags takes time to make, much like the enamel pins, and I do the embroidery all by myself, on top of all the shop work, creating new designs, grading, packing and my own life. It is also a very tiring job for my left hand and eyes so I can only wor on it a maximun of two hours per day, and some of the embroidery designs take more than 20 hours to finish, so please, be patient with me. I am doing my best.

These are fragile items, and such as pins and prints, you need to handle them with care. All bags can be washed in cold water. Put a little of dishwashing liquid or a little of fabric softner in a bowl with the cold water, let the bag soak for a few minutes, and then massage the fabric. Later, rinse it with clean water.

Since some sewing threads with a more vivd color can sometimes tint the fabric while washing, try to do the washing in an horizontal position, and when you rinse it with clean water, make sure you clean everything by massaging the fabric again. Let the bag dry in an horizontal position as well.

As much as you can, try not to iron the bag on the embroidery parts. You can put another fabric over the bag to iron it down, but don't put up to much pressure on the embroidery. Even after taking that extra care, some sewing threads can get damaged with the heat of the iron, so do it at your own risk.

I will not be responsible for any damage done to the bag while in your possession. I wash all the bags after finishing them and I make sure they are in perfect condition before sending them to you.

I am giving out these isntructions to you so that you can take good care of your bag, the best way you can.


If you buy something from my shop, you now own it. There are no refunds, unless it's for a pre order item and you email me in less than 48 hours after you place the order.

If you decide that you don't want the items you bought anymore, I know this is gonna sound harsh for some people but, too bad. Own your shopping spree and go on with your life, love. What's done is done.

Asking for a refund is a very shitty thing to do, specially if it's a pre order and I have already paid my manu, because all the money raised on pre orders goes towards funding the pre items/taxes/shipping.

With that said, sometimes accidents happen, like if you buy the wrong item, or if you make a double order by mistake, you can ask for a refund. Just email me and we can sort that out.

If however you break my shop policies, you will be banned from buying from me again. I am sorry but that happens way too much and I can't keep that up. It is money that comes out of my own pocket.


Every item that I have in my shop related to any mxtx's works is always p4p (price for production). This price includes price for molds, each piece, the shipping of the items from my manu to me, the custom charges, the price for all the items needed for packing your orders and taxes.

In the event that any little amount of money is raised in the sale of any of these items, it will be used to help on the production of the free items that I give on any mdzs order. Every order with a mxtx item gets extra free items.