Welcome to barnebucky

Thank you so much for looking around and for wanting or buying any of my items (if that's the case).
I appreciate it so much!

I hope that whatever items you buy arrives fast and in perfect condition. Thank you for your patience in waiting for pre order items and for the embroidery pieces/bags. As ou know they are all handmade and can take a long time to be finished. You guys are really the best!!

I hope to keep bringing new merch items for you in the future, that not only you love, but that have great quality as well.

I am expanding to not only BTS merch, and diving more into the anime/manga world, and I look forward to your understanding and, hopefully, your support as well!
Manga has been a big part of my life growing up, including my reason to start drawing and persuing a career as an artist. Truly, if it wasn't for my brother and his love for Naruto, I most likely wouldn't be doing this at all!

My main page as you know is my instagram (@barnebucky). It's there that you can find new designs, polls, and updates on any items that are in pre order and production. When in doubt, always check the updates highlights on my instagram page for any news.

Your opinions on my posts and designs are always welcomed and appreciated, so please, don't refrain yourself from commenting on my items.
I am always looking forward to what you think of my art. I do this for you, just as much as I do it for me.
You are one of the reasons why I am here. ♥

I hope you enjoy your stay and that you can come back again, satisfied with your previous purchase!
So welcome, and thank you for your support!!

Purple love,
Maria Pereira
aka barnebucky